Monmouth Chinese School at Marlboro Middle School
Location: 355 County Rd 520, Marlboro, NJ 07746
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 430, Marlboro, NJ 07746-0430

The Monmouth Chinese School is a nonprofit Chinese school organized for the local Chinese-American community and for all persons interested in the Chinese language and culture. The School is controlled and owned by the parents of our students. Parents, with the help of many former and future parents, also perform most of the administration and teaching duties.

The day-to-day operation is administered by an Administration Committee elected from the parent group. The Administration Committee coordinates and delegates separate parent committees to provide for the smooth functioning of the school. All administration is subject to review and approval by a Board of Directors that establishes all school policy. The Board of Directors is elected by the parents.

The school curriculum is planned to provide for the development of the social, intellectual, and language skills of traditional Chinese culture. The curriculum includes not only writing and reading and conversation, but also a wide variety of cultural programs. Our primary goal is to teach our children Chinese reading, writing, and speaking (Mandarin and/or Cantonese), and to instill into future generations the basis for continuing our Chinese heritage.

Our school is a meeting place for the Chinese families who feel that parents can and should play an active role in their child's education and learning. As members of the Monmouth Chinese School, it is important that each parent realize the importance of his or her contribution. All parents in the school volunteer some time to teaching and administration each year in addition to participation in the school's fund raising and social functions. Also, most parents volunteer exceptional amounts of time for a year or two in order to maintain the high quality standards that Chinese community has come to expect from our school.